Hills To Hollers: Barbara Higbie, Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery; Monday, August 26, 2013


Hills To Hollers: Barbara Higbie, Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery
Monday, August 26
Kuumbwa Jazz

“…exploring the interplay of black and white Southern musical traditions.” – All About Jazz

Bluegrass legend Laurie Lewis, Cultural Heritage Choir leader Linda Tillery and Grammy nominated singer/songwriter/pianist Barbara Higbie have created a vocal trio that taps into the most primordial roots of the American musical experience. Hills to Hollers explores American music from the hills and homelands of bluegrass and country, to the work songs and hollers of the African-American tradition. Performing with soulful abandon, these women add their own stylistic stamp to the oeuvre of Southern music – spreading the joy and history of this American art form.

Hills to Hollers paints a compelling musical portrait of the South, as befits a trio as esteemed as this one.  Though they’ve long played and sung individually in the same circles, it’s the first-ever collaborative effort between this trio of musicians. Laurie Lewis, a renowned bluegrass vocalist, handles guitar and fiddle in the group. Linda Tillery, brings her gospel roots to the stage, and Barbara Higbie, a championship fiddler as well as a jazz pianist, acts as musical director of the show and provides additional soaring harmonies.

Lewis has been an active participant in the American folk music scene since the mid 70’s, when she began playing music in San Francisco.  Since then she’s appeared on the Grand Ole Opry, A Prairie Home Companion and has released over fifteen albums.  Tillery has made a name for herself as a singer and percussionist since after starting out in the San Francisco scene in the late 1960’s.  She currently leads the renowned African music group Cultural Heritage Choir.  Midwest-raised/San Francisco-based Higbie cut her teeth on the Windham Hill label in the eighties and has been active touring and recording ever since.

The trio released Hills To Hollers: Live! in 2012, recorded in-concert and featuring many of the crowd-pleasing songs from their setlist.  When asked how the trio goes about choosing material, Lewis says “we just get together…and see what fits us…we like the material that seems to be from that time in American history when rural people, black and white, played and sang a similar repertoire.”  The carefully chosen songs all have stories behind them, which the trio brings to life onstage.  Rarely has a concert doubled as such an enjoyable history lesson.  As Higbie puts it, “These tunes represent the basis of all popular American music.  Sung well, they can send shivers up your spine and your spirits soaring.”

Hills To Hollers: Barbara Higbie, Laurie Lewis, Linda Tillery

DATE: Monday, August 26, 2013
PLACE: Kuumbwa Jazz Center
ADDRESS: 320 Cedar St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060
TIME: 7:00 PM
PRICE: $22/Adv $25/Door
TICKETS: Logos Books & Records, 1117 Pacific Ave, Santa Cruz (831) 427-5100 and online at: http://www.kuumbwajazz.org
MORE INFO: http://www.kuumbwajazz.org or 831-427-2227 

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